Inflatable Pulse Ball Keeps The Party Lit Long After The Sunlight Dies

The designers of the Inflatable Pulse Ball by a long shot didn’t innovate the concept that pitching a cushy air-filled ball around a crowd adds about 20% more lively energy to a party, but they damn sure added the perfect trippy glitz to the practice.pulse-ball-small

This party ball’s 78 light modules each contain two LEDs sensitive to touch and sound and good for 100,000 brilliant flashes each – a mammoth combined 156 lights that illuminate the night in response to vibration and wild noises. The PVC lining can take many a tumble, hold up to any abuse short of pointy hazards, and still deflate and collapse for easy, convenient storage after hours of rolling and bouncing.

Full inflation expands the Pulse Ball to 1m in diameter. Batteries are included, but non-replaceable.

Light Up Inflatable Ball
Light Up Inflatable Ball
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