Inflat-A-Bull Is An Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy You’ll Enjoy Getting Thrown Off Of

Do you like playing in the pool? If you do, take your horse-play to the next level with the Inflat-A-Bull – its a full bull-riding experience that will get your whole family and friends in the competitive spirit, fast.

Basically, it’s just like the bull riding machines you’d find in a bar, but its an inflatable version designed for pool use, and instead of expensive machinery used to provide the wild ride that simulates a bulls violent movements, family and friends will try to shake you off this watery beast.

How long can you stay afloat? You’ll soon find out soon enough who is the best bull rider in the bunch, as this hardy Intex Inflatable bull can handle all the rough play, tugging and pulling your crew can bring.

Made of durable 17.5 gauge vinyl, it has 3 air chambers, and plenty of durable grab handles that are sure to endure the torque your fun loving friends will put on them. If there is a body of water that can accommodate the “bull’, a lake, river, or your backyard pool, then you’re in for some serious competitive fun.

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