Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table Kicks Up Any Party To 11

We considered our beer pong careers complete when we narrowly claimed the Tau Kappa Epsilon Galactic Championships the night after we graduated from Hamburger University with Associate’s Degrees in Fryology. The Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table has shown us the sport of kings has evolved, tempting us with new challenges.

The Infinity Glow’s RGB LEDs cycle through 16 colors in four display modes while creating the illusion of infinite space by reflecting in the table’s mirror surface. A music controller built into the table’s metal frame allows the lights to change and flicker to the beat of your party’s playlist. The IR remote control lets you adjust the mode and color of your table’s display with the touch of a finger. Detachable legs make it conveniently storable and the magnetic lock in the 8′ x 2′ table’s folding center keeps it closed to save space when not in use.

While we’re at it, we’re leaving no doubt whose realm challengers to our throne walk into when they dare to line up against us. For a small extra charge, you can have the personalized logos, pictures, graphics or lettering of your choosing etched right into the mirror.

That’s right, world – when you stare into the Infinity Glow LED Beer Pong Table, the Unique Hunters Vroomfondels stare right back.

Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (9)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (5)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (8)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (10)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (7)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (1)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (2)Infinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-TableInfinity-Glow-Beer-Pong-Party-Table (4)

Infinity Glow Party Table
Infinity Glow Party Table


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