These Incredible Sculptures Of Famous People Are Creepily Lifelike!

Kazuhiro Tsuji is an artist and sculptor who started his career as an effects and makeup artist in Hollywood. He worked there for 25 years before becoming a full-time fine artist in 2008.

andy warhol sculpture standing


andy warhol sculpture

And now the artist is getting himself a lot of attention thanks to his incredibly hyperrealistic sculptures of famous figures. Just check out the amazing attention to detail in his sculpture of Abraham Lincoln – he has gone to such lengths as to include ever wrinkle under his eye and each individual strand of hair, including a natural blend of brown and grey. It’s a true demonstration of not only incredible talent but also superhuman patience no doubt! They put Madame Tussaud to shame.

salvadore dali

In fact, were you to come across one of these unawares, then you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a real person, except for one small detail. That detail? Kazuhiro only makes busts and they’re much bigger than life-size. While this might somewhat impact on the realism, it allows you to see just how fantastically detailed they really are.

abraham lincoln sculpture

What do you think? Creepy? And who would you want to see him recreate next?

Source – Laughing Squid

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