Incredible Lumen Flashlight Uses Body Heat Not Batteries

Touch Lumen. Touch what? Touch Lumen is the future of personal lighting. Everyone has used a flashlight at some point in their lives, and without them, well, we can’t see at night. All flashlights need batteries to work, or do they?

Making AAA batteries and disposing of them is a huge problem for the environment, and has been for many decades. Well, many have tried to come up with ways to produce light without using batteries in some way, besides recharging them, and have failed, until, now. If you don’t believe it, Touch Lumen – a handheld light that uses human body heat to produce light, not batteries.

This is something new, something incredible, and something that battery companies wish did not exist – an everlasting hand-held light that uses the heat of your body to shine light. The light will literally last as long you produce heat, and will not work on zombies.

Lumen-Body-Heat-Flashlight (1)Lumen-Body-Heat-Flashlight (2)
Lumen-Body-Heat-Flashlight (1)Lumen-Body-Heat-Flashlight (1)

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