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Impaled Zombie Pen Holder Lets You Take A Gory Stab At Walking Dead Frustrations

Design Toscano’s Impaled Zombie Desk Accessory demonstrates exactly what squicks us the most about America’s lust for these shambling vehicles for half-assed, pseudo-intellectual societal commentary: some people just seem to really get off on imagining doing weird things to corpses.

Well, if that bakes your ziti, then have we got a knick-knack for you. Credit where it’s due, the seven-inch-long Impaled Zombie is easily on par with its fellow Design Toscano horror and sci-fi figurines for painstaking detail. Each hand-painted designer resin zombie bears a perfectly placed hole in the torso begging for the blunt end of your trusty writing instrument to make sure he’s going nowhere anytime soon.

Would you believe these happen to be the very same craftsmen who brought the world life-size Bigfoot garden statues not so long ago?

Impaled Zombie-Pen-Holder-Desk-Accessory-3Impaled Zombie-Pen-Holder-Desk-Accessory-4Impaled Zombie-Pen-Holder-Desk-Accessory-2

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