Illuminated Inflatable Football Helmet Lights Up Your Fandom In A Four-Foot-Tall Fanatics Tribute

This Inflatable Illuminated NFL Helmet is a graceful solution to the dilemmas of a certain…shall we say, “exceptionally ardent” football fanatic.

We won’t name names, but you know who are. You’re well-aware of what you do and how your passion for gridiron warfare consumes your day-to-day life with often-destructive consequences. How many churches have shunned you to date because your constant prayers to Vince Lombardi made your fellow parishioners uncomfortable? When was the last time a date didn’t end when you couldn’t resist raising a single lecherous eyebrow and inviting an eligible single partner to your place for a bit of the “horizontal Icky Shuffle?” Remember that time you referred to proposed by referring to marriage as “taking the big Lambeau Leap?”

We do. Why wouldn’t we? You spent the next six months sleeping on our couch.

It’s time to celebrate your fandom in both style and a spirit of sanity. There will be no room to question your loyalty to any of the 15 teams whose respective insignias can adorn the sides once a built-in air pump inflates the majestically lit four-foot helmet after mere minutes of constant airflow. To properly secure your monument to rabid sporting allegiance, tether it with the three included stakes and lengths of string. Don’t sweat the hostility of your Giants-sworn neighbor toward your enduring Patriots tribute, either. The helmet’s hardwearing 190-denier polyester construction will withstand hostile assaults from rival teams’ devotees as surely as it stands its ground against the harsher elements of “perfect football weather” for seasons to come. Fully inflated its 60″ H x 50″ Diameter with a total weight of 6 pounds of football fury team spirit.

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Go Team!

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