IllumiBowl Night Light Is The Night Time Peeing Solution We Never Knew We Needed

It doesn’t happen often, but when circumstances align, peeing can occasionally get complicated.

When cohabiting alongside a light sleeper with a master bathroom connected to the master bedroom, that middle-of-the-night call of nature can mean turning on a too-bright light and interrupting the slumber of someone suddenly cursing every drop of that 2-liter Pepsi you drank right before bed. Should the power go out, relieving oneself might just become a production involving a flashlight that ends up reminding you of performing a quick fix under a broken-down car’s hood after dark along a quiet highway.

The IllumiBowl Night Light answers these nocturnal urination quandaries with adjustable color settings of Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink or White and a color-rotation setting that casts a brilliant borealis in your bowl with no wires or plugs required. It’s a motion-activated device that illuminates the bowl only when it picks up movement specifically in the dark. The suction-cup attachments and adjustable arm let you customize the fit for discreet placement inside any throne. Cleanup is as easy as swiping a sanitary wipe, damp cloth, or anything else you have handy.

As a bonus, The Illumibowl provides a sense of comfort to that blotto party guest sleeping it off sacked out in the bathtub, or just one who really wants a subtle reading light. For what it’s worth, it doesn’t make a half-bad beacon guiding the hypothetical drunkard to the bowl before inadvertently re-painting your newly decorated bathroom in shades of Half-Digested Pizza and Shame.

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Peeing Is More EnLIGHTening At Night

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