IKmultimedia iKlip A/V Puts Pro-quality Broadcasting In Your Hands

The Internet has changed, and is continually changing the way people communicate and market themselves. This is evident by the evolution of Youtube videos and video feeds like Podcast shows. Although video technology has gotten more advanced and compact, allowing small cameras to fit inside smartphones, the quality of audio recordings don’t meet quality broadcasting standards, until now.

iKlip A/V is the answer to the problem that has plagued mobile broadcasting needs, it is basically an innovative, simple, affordable smartphone broadcasting mount that let’s anyone record video and audio that meets broadcasting standards. It is the first smartphone mount that effectively combines the video technology of a smartphone or a compact camera, and integrates the video recordings with high-quality audio.

If you are a musician, independent movie maker, Youtube extraordinaire, or you just want to take your Podcast on the road, this is what you been waiting for, as you will quickly discover when going over the impressive specs.

ikmultimedia iKlip AV smartphone broadcast mount (1)ikmultimedia iKlip AV smartphone broadcast mount (2)iKlip-AV_draw_pointsiKlip-AV_front

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