Ikea’s Concept Kitchen 2025 Design Takes a Trip to the Eco-Friendly Future

Got a taste for interior decorating? Think you know everything about the kitchen and the trendiest concepts and designs? Think again, because Ikea is getting creative with their Concept Kitchen 2025 project.This innovative concept focuses on a more eco-friendly kitchen with an emphasis on not wasting food. Ikea has revealed a part of their plan which involves a camera and projector above a kitchen table that will analyze the ingredients present and project recipes onto your table. This projector can also give you nutritional info about the ingredients present for a fully-educated experience. Talk about thorough!

Their futuristic kitchen will even ground your recyclables down to small pucks that can be collected by the city’s trash people. Ikea is seriously revolutionizing the kitchen with a modern, eco-friendly approach.

Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-2 Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Disposing-Thoughtfully Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-in-situ Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Kitchen-in-the-home Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Kitchen-in-the-home2 Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Mindful-Water-Use Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Storage-Closeup Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Storage-on-shelf Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Storing-Visually-1 Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Storing-Visually-2 Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Student-Projects Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Table-closeup Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-Table-in-situ Concept-Kitchen-2025-at-IKEA-Temporary-1
Source – BGR via Concept2025
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