IK Multimedia iRig Keyboard I/O Brings Complete Inspiration Wherever Musicians Go

All in all, it makes no difference whether you’re a preeminent producer or a hustling tunesmith fighting for that big break. Wherever you stand as a creator, only one thing about inspiration is ever remotely certain: it gives not a single lukewarm damn about your schedule. At some point, it’s on you to be prepared to work out that next sick beat the moment it begins coalescing in your thinky parts, whenever and wherever that inspired percolation might happen.

That’s what makes the iRig Keyboard I/O such a bonafide godsend. Behold, the only portable music production station that marries a complete professional audio interface with 25 or 49 full-sized keys optimized for 24-bit audio up to a 96 kHz sampling rate, superbly balanced stereo and headphone outputs, and a Phantom power-compatible combo input jack for mic, line or instrument input.

This synth-action keyboard’s slick multicolored, velocity-sensitive pads and touch-based knobs and programmable sliders are as smoothly responsive as any traditional electric piano. The iRig’s expressiveness and streamlined workflows never feel like compromising performance for portability. Compatibility with Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone tools and operating systems fresh out of the box, a handy mobile device stand and options to run off USB, battery or PSU power sources makes it an ideal controller to adapt to tight spaces and unpredictable available resources that challenge any traveling musician to work effectively on the road.

As a cherry on top, check out the massive lineup of apps and software included with the iRig Keyboard I/O:

  • SampleTank 3 sound and groove workstation
  • T-RackS 4 Deluxe mastering and mixing suite
  • Syntronik Pro-V synthesizer and Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE orchestral workstations for Mac and PC
  • 13 full plug-ins, including three instruments and 10 dynamic and EQ audio processors
  • More than 5,000 sounds
  • 43 GB of samples
  • Full versions of SampleTank and Miroslav Philharmonik Mobile Edition for iPad and iPhone users

The iRig Keyboard I/O also jibes immediately with such popular digital audio workstation software packages as Ableton Live, Studio One, Logic and GarageBand. There never has been and may never be a plug-and-play production solution that strips the work and worry from configuring multiple devices to suit your existing setup, wherever the music may take you.

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