Igloo Party Bar Lights Up Our Tailgating Parties From Here To The Super Bowl

Allow us to level with you: though the year’s highest party season has come and gone, you have absolutely no reason not to equip your next bash with the Igloo Party Bar. After all, there are months of tailgate parties ahead between now and the Super Bowl in February.

How do we love this fancy ultra-cooler? Let us count the ways. First, it comes with all the high-quality functional features expected of any classic fully insulated Igloo. For starters, the removable lid makes it an easy switch from keeping the cold stuff cold to setting up a massive open-beverage tub with room for between an estimated 158-212 cans – depending on whether you’ve engaged its two removable dividers and caddy.

Locking casters ensure that, once you’ve swiftly rolled the Party Bar and its accompanying beverages into position, it stays put until you’re ready to roll it once more. In between get-togethers, it also transforms into a standard ice chest by simply removing the detachable base.

On the sides, you’ll find the handy pairing of a mounted bottle opener and convenient bin for storing caps, along with handy utility hooks for towels, trash bags, or anything else you may feel like keeping handy. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty handles make loading, lifting and carrying a snap when it has to go where the wheels can’t roll it.

Ah, but the finest finishing touch? The LiddUp, an LED light that not only makes the cooler a neat little party-mood accessory, but keeps the festivities going well past sundown by shining a soft glow on the beverages below.

It’s tailgating as God would do it.


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