iFetch Too Puts Entertainment In the Paws of Your Dog

Is your dog giving you the sad puppy eyes that say ‘You never play with me?’ Don’t break his little heart; get your canine involved with some exercise and fun.

iFetch Too! is an automatic ball launcher for Dogs of the larger variety. This Kickstarter prototype is the second innovation from the Hamill Family and is a bigger version of the iFetch that is both energy-efficient and fun for your family.

Easier said than done right? Even if you’re one of the 9-5’ers strapped for time on a daily basis, this ball-launching device can be activated by human or canine by dropping the tennis ball in the top bowl.

If you’re just drained of energy or simply don’t have the extra time during the day for play, avoid that heartbreaking sad puppy face while you’re paper shuffling or lounging on the couch.

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