Ice Cube Bullets Make for the Manliest Drink on Earth

Whiskey has always been a very manly feeling drink but what could be manlier than dropping a ton of bullets into it? Of course these aren’t real bullets, instead they’re designed to keep your drink cool. Drop them into your glass they’ll do a great job of keeping your drink chilly. This is cool in both ways when hanging out at your awesome home bar.

ice bullets

Now instead of saying ‘whiskey on the rocks‘ you can ask for a ‘whiskey on the bullets’. That certainly sounds cool if a little bit strange.

But in today’s world of ‘health and safety gone mad’ the bullets have of course been designed with safety in mind. All the edges on these bullets are rounded which can avoid you scratching yourself. More important they will prevent you from scratching or chipping your glasses.


Whiskey bullets make an awesome gift for any blokes in your life who like a good scotch and a good gun and they’re also great fun at dinner parties. And of course they don’t just have to be used with Whiskey – they can chill any spirit you want to drop them into.





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