Ice Cream FREEZE Cooling Bowl Keeps Treats Cold For Hours… If You Can Hold Out That Long

Do you love ice cream? Most people do, but not everyone eats ice cream at the same speed, many people like to take their time to savor it. Unfortunately, ice cream melts fast, especially on hot days in warm climates.

Thanks to the Ice Cream Freeze Cooling Bowl, now ice cream eating enthusiasts can take as long as they like to savor the creamy delight, without having to drink it because it melted after a few minutes. The freeze bowl keeps ice cream cold for up to four hours, thanks to its specialized cooling gel.

So, no need to hurry to eat your ice cream before it melts, when you have a cooling bowl by Host. Just pop it in the freezer for awhile, that is all you need to do to enjoy eating ice cream, for as long as you like.

PROPRIETARY COOLING GEL – Inside the BPA Free Acrylic walls of the Host FREEZE Cooling Bowl lies our proprietary cooling gel. This gel was precisely engineered in house to provide the perfect temperature for frozen treats for hours
ADDITIONAL FEATURES – Each bowl is constructed with an insulated silicone band for comfortable handling. Bowls are dishwasher safe but we highly recommend placing them on the TOP RACK
SET OF TWO BOWLS – The set includes two Host FREEZE Cooling Bowls. Each bowl can comfortably accommodate 18 ounces of chilled goodness
CHILLED TREATS – For chilled treats, refrigerate Host FREEZE Cooling Bowls for at least two hours to keep your snack between fifty-eight and sixty degrees Fahrenheit
FROZEN TREATS – For frozen treats, freeze Host FREEZE Cooling Bowls for at least two hours to keep your snack between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit

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No need to hurry to eat ice cream in this bowl

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