iBall Wireless Rear-View Camera Keeps One Eye Behind Vehicles, Trailers In Motion

If you aren’t accustomed to the obstructed field of view and somewhat cumbersome turning and reverse maneuverability, towing a trailer can initially become the kind of nerve-wracking experience the iBall Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear-View Camera is designed to simplify.

Thanks to a 2.5GHz transceiver with a 25-foot range and 5.8GHz frequency that avoids 2.4GHz Bluetooth interference for maximum image stability and clarity, the iBall streams its 120-degree field of view seamlessly to a 3.5-inch color LCD monitor powered by any 12V auxiliary outlet without a stitch of added wiring or complicated installation. As opposed to competing budget-priced license plate cameras, this invaluable extra eye is ready to magnetically mount anywhere on absolutely any vehicle and use straight out of the box. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is good for up to three hours of continuous use, making this setup ideal for moderately long hauls.

Of course, the industrial-strength magnets also mean no drilling multiple holes directly into your car, trailer or RV. Every iBall Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear-View Camera is compatible with both gooseneck and standard trailers and undergoes rigorous manufacturer stress testing to ensure its thoroughly weatherproofed design will endure any elemental assault without compromising performance for any season’s nastiest weather. Be advised, however, highway use at high speeds may diminish performance by unpredictable degrees.

Since 2009, nobody has watched drivers’ backsides quite like iBall.

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