HYSWAS Tetrahedron Super Yacht Glides Above The Sea

Shipbuilders have always sought the best hull and ship designs – a streamlined form ideally suited to sail the seas. Ultimately, to design a better boat that can handle the open oceans and seas the best. Well, they did it, and it seems the best shape for ships of the future is a geometric shape, the tetrahedron.

At first it may sound strange – a super yacht shaped like a geometrical shape, but when you consider joining the three main hulls together, while maximizing deck space, it then makes sense. This is true, especially when you consider that the superstructure of the yacht never touches the waves, because of its hydrofoil design the boat glides above the water.

This technology has revolutionized the way ships are designed and built, making it possible to travel longer distances in shorter time, because the hull is out of the water the ship doesn’t cause any drag during rough or calm seas. It is a marvelous design, one we will certainly see more of on super yachts like this one, marvelous!

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Fly above the sea

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