HyperWhistle, The World’s Loudest Whistle Makes You Heard From Over 2 Miles Away

A whistle can be a great tool for making yourself heard. Whether you’re refereeing a kids’ soccer game or using it as a survival tool, the high-pitched tone of a whistle is unmistakable and gets attention quick. The problem with most whistles is that they can be drowned out by loud surrounding or ambient noise. That isn’t a problem for the HyperWhistle. Dubbed the world’s loudest whistle, it is capable of being heard over 2 miles away. That makes it a great tool for survival, safety, or getting attention in loud conditions.

***** Disclaimer: Be sure to use ear protection when using the HyperWhistle to prevent hearing damage! *****

Just how loud is the HyperWhistle? It’s capable of reaching sounds up to 143 decibels! That’s louder than a motorcycle engine, the front row of a rock concert, or a jackhammer. It even comes with earplugs to protect your hearing when blowing it. Fortunately, you can lessen the noise a bit by not blowing as hard into the whistle for a quieter sound. However, for times that you absolutely need to be heard, there’s no missing the ear-piercing screech of the HyperWhistle.

A radial tri-frequency design helps amplify the sound to make you heard by converting the airflow into a sound that can be heard 2 miles away. It’s made from anti-microbial composite so you can use it in all weather conditions. The HyperWhistle is tough enough to take on any journey with you and has no moving parts that can be damaged, even if you take it underwater. It also floats in case you lose it in the water.

The HyperWhistle is a great purchase for any hiker, explorer, lifeguard, or someone who needs to be heard. With unmatched sound, you won’t find a louder whistle.

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