Hyperloop Train Hopes To Zip Californians From LA to SF in 30 Minutes

Transportation’s come a long way over time, especially with trains. The original mechanized rail transport systems dated back to the 1820’s by use of the England. Since then, we’ve been determined for speed and safety. Today’s fastest train is the maglev rail made by Japan that can clock 310 mph.While that’s great and all, wouldn’t you rather enjoy a bullet train in the good ole’ US of A? An innovator by the name of Elon Musk from Tesla fame is set on creating a futuristic Vehicle called the Hyperloop train that will nearly rival Japan’s maglev. Set to zip through elevated tunnels by a combination of magnets and levitation, the prototype is set to start testing in 2017 when a test track of 5 miles is completed.

Set in California, this modern train will hopefully one day zip passenger from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 gravity-defying minutes.

Source – IFLscience HTT


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