Hush Smart Earplugs Block Out All Noise Using Your Smartphone

Smart phones, smart watches, smart devices of every kind, and now, the world’s first smart earplugs, bet you didn’t hear that coming? Hush™ – the world’s first smart earplugs truly gives you the piece of silence you crave from outside noises.

Whether it’s noises at night that keep you from sleeping, or just ambient background street traffic during the days that rob you of your peace of mind, the hush smart earplugs can tune them all out and then tune you in to positive sounds that uplift, sooth and relax your mind.

Good sleep is paramount to a healthy lifestyle, and when things like loud neighbors, busy street traffic or someone snoring every night that keeps you awake, then Hush them away with these smart earplugs. An app lets you program the sounds you want in your life, but the Hush will notify you of important events, such as when receiving phone calls or when an alarm goes off.

Once you ‘Hush’ out all the undesirable sounds, you can then play some soothing ambient background sounds such as waves gently rolling on to a long white sand beach, or a spring breeze through a pine forest, or soft Autumn rain drops to help you sleep, the

Basically, Hush can play any music you have on your memory card, just like any set of earplugs. And, if you ever misplace your Hush, there is a tracker that lets you locate them, that’s handy.



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