HurriK9 Flying Dog Ring Launcher Shoots Rings Over 100 Feet For Fido To Chase

Having a dog is like having a best friend to hang-out with anytime you want, especially when it’s time to go outside and play. Traditional dog toys abound, such as tennis balls and specially designed frisbees, but there is a new throw toy in town that has dogs running around parks and backyards like never before, and they are enthusiastically getting the exercise they need.

Its called the HurriK9, and it is a uniquely designed fetch toy that dogs love to play with, in fact, once your dog plays with a HurriK9, they’ll never go back to fetching tennis balls or frisbees again, dogs love it that much!

The HurriK9 is a toy gun that launches a hardened foam rings over a distance of one hundred feet, and as it glides through the air, level to the ground, it seems to defy gravity, which makes it easy and fun for dogs to chase and grab with their teeth. No worrying about having to buy replacement rings anytime soon because the hardened foam rings can handle the bit of even the biggest dogs, for a while at least.

It’s easy to launch the rings, fun to use, and it is an ideal way to get your dog motivated to exercise, and, it also provides a good excuse to get out of the house and spend some quality time outside.

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