Hunting Laser Slingshot Shoots Prey With Futuristic Pinpoint Accuracy

Assolar SS-12 Multi-Function Hunting Slingshot’s Laser Sighting Makes Apex Predators Of Us All

There are some “sporting” considerations of warfare we gladly ignore. For example, any modern projectile weapon without a laser sight just seems anticlimactic the instant we draw down and that reassuring tiny red dot becomes suddenly conspicuous by its absence.

Yes, this our opinion includes slingshots.

That’s just one of several finer points that make the Assolar SS-12 Multi-Function Hunting Slingshot so comforting: that tiny projected infrared speck speaks to us. It says, “You might make Beetle Bailey look like Sergeant York, but I will make sure even you can’t botch this shot.”

Indeed, this versatile slingshot is the ideal weapon of choice for hunting in a variety of settings. Equipped with a pistol grip for steady, comfortable aiming, the Assolar SS-12 illuminates your target’s surroundings with an additional laser flashlight that makes low light an afterthought to the laser sight’s dead-center precision. If slingshot ammunition doesn’t befit your quarry, it can also be transformed into a kind of miniature bow, complete with a detachable quiver.

Each shipment includes a total of four high-strength heavy bands, two for initial use and two replacements. The Assolar SS-12 Multi-Function Hunting Slingshot does not ship with a supply of arrows. Please carefully your examine your jurisdiction’s weapon regulations before purchasing and exercise extreme caution when firing.

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