Hungry Hungry Hippo Rings Honor The First True Hunger Game

There is but one Whopper to sate two hungry, hungry beasts. Let the battle commence.

Before there was the gladitorial rugby-scrum nonsense that is Black Friday at Walmart, there was Hungry, Hungry Hippos – the original chaotic storm of “There is only so much to go around, AND I WILL HAVE IT ALL.” Now, we at last have a ring to rule them all. Decide who shall feed and who shall starve in the manner of our ancestors. Present your Hungry Hungry Hippo rings and clash them for the eternally savory right to the last morsel of glory.

When there must be no doubt who is supremely hungry-hungry, only pink African beasts may decide a victor. Fight with ravenous pride, and make Parker Bros. proud this day.

Hungry Hungry Hippos Rings (6)Hungry Hungry Hippos Rings (1)Hungry Hungry Hippos Rings (4)Hungry Hungry Hippos Rings (5)

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