Human Skin Cells Can Kill Cancer Using Patients’ Own Stem Cells

Just when you thought science couldn’t get any more incredible, scientists pull off another ‘amazing’ feat – they can now convert human skin to ‘kill’ cancer! Yeah, it is beyond amazing, to say the least, but you can have a look at their progress yourself, it is published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

Basically, scientists have discovered a way to alter skin cells to aggressively hunt down and kill cancerous brain tumors, using pluripotent stem cells that are naturally found in skin, and that can grow into literally any part of the body.

These types of stem cells are taken from a patient’s skin, and then altered to seek out chemical emissions of cancerous growths. The skin stem cells are then equipped to carry cancer killing medicine that will break down the cancer. All of the successful test results and research has been conducted on mice, but scientists say the treatment will be available for use on human in the near future, to treat all types of cancer.

Source – Mental Floss via Science Translational Medicine

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