Human Face Coffee Lids Let You Slip Your Morning Joe A Little Tongue

OK, fellow babies. Love your coffee? Cool. But isn’t it about time you came clean and truly, deeply LOVED your coffee?

It’s the one time a coffee date is guaran-damn-teed to send you to First Base, you dog. Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok went all out, designing “Take ‘Kiss’ Out” with realistically shaped lips and a nose to really replicate a tender sunrise smooch. No matter when your train to Clarksville pulls out, you’ll never want for coffee-flavored kisses and a bit of conversation again as long as you know where you can top your java off.

And you didn’t think you’d ever be a morning person. Remember, tongue is 100% welcome, our sly, smooth friends.Human Face Coffee Lids 4Human Face Coffee Lids 5Human Face Coffee Lids 6Human Face Coffee Lids 2Human Face Coffee Lids 1Human Face Coffee Lids 7Human Face Coffee Lids 8

Source – BeHance

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