Hulkbuster Bank Lets You Invest One Quarter At A Time Toward Your Own 9-Foot Armor

If it can pound some sense into the Hulk, the ThinkGeek-exclusive Hulkbuster Bank can damn sure keep your couch change secure.

Fresh off its engagement as the 9.5-foot belle of the ball at this year’s New York Comic Con, Tony Stark’s awe-inspiring Hulkbuster armor gets downsized for the convenience of ages 4 and up to 8 1/2″ wide x 4 1/2″ tall x 4″ deep and tipping the scales at a lean Banner-battering 1 lb. Just like Tony Stark’s last-resort means of putting the green guy in his place again, the money inside is that resource you don’t want to tap into until you have no other choice. You could even set up your own business plan to max out the Hulkbuster Bank’s internal capacity and sink that fund into playing the stock market with penny stocks – or perhaps playing penny slots. Just think, the seeds of the world’s next Stark Industries, Oscorp or AIM could begin with the *plink* of a single quarter.

Hulk smash? No. Hulk save. Hulk diversify.Hulkbuster Bank-3Hulkbuster Bank-2

Hulkbuster Bank
Hulkbuster Bank
8.5 Total Score
Smashes Savings Numbers

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