Hulk Smash! Don’t Make Me Angry Mug Destroys Mid-day Slumps

David Banners secret is he’s always angry. It’s the only way he can contain the beast within. But you’re not so lucky. Imagine you’re in the office trying get through your day, and your boss walks in asking for those damn TFS reports. HULK SMASH!! What about when you go to the sink to get your favorite coffee mug, and its gone. Who has it? That girl from marketing with the constant sore on her lip drinking from it with putrid colored lipstik. HULK SMASH!!!

david banner always angry

Never again will you be forced to deal with Misses Herpes when you have a mug that unmistakable from the bunch. Every time you hold this 32 ounce mega coffee mug, you’ll instill fear in the hearts of your fellow co-workers with the reminder that at any moment you could break out into killer rage.

This green fist mug has incredible detail and crisp colors for any Avengers or Hulk fan. Highly recommended.


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