Hulk Mug Smashes Monday Coffee Cravings With One Massive Green Punch

Every so often, a morning comes along that just begs for a fistful of gamma rays. Pack a wake-up punch worthy of the Avengers’ big green machine with this Hulk Shaped Mug and smash that Monday-morning drag.

Just like Bruce Banner’s inner pissed-off “other guy”, there’s nothing average about this mug. This big boy is the fist you reach for when you need to smash a jumbo jolt of java. Sure, Banner’s big secret is that he’s “always angry”, but we have to believe even he could be mellowed just a tad by this big of a belly full o’ coffee.

Of course, every hero has a weakness. For all Banner’s tolerance for gamma ray bombardment, the Hulk Shaped Mug doesn’t do so well with microwaves or dishwashers.

Hulk Smash Mug (4)Hulk Smash Mug (2)Hulk Smash Mug (5)Hulk Smash Mug (3)

9.5 Total Score
What do you mean NO MORE COOKIES??!!! HULK SMASH!!

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