HUDWAY Glass Makes Device-Aided Driving A Far Safer Concept

Google Glass was never entirely without its merits. Though it faced an almost instant backlash from cynics who marveled at the lengths Glass-uers (almost instantly and cleverly dubbed “Glass-holes”) seemed ready to go to in order to let their devices segregate them from the world around them, the innovators of HUDWAY Glass saw the clear practical applications.

In simplest terms HUDWAY Glass is a smartphone-powered universal vehicle Heads-Up Display (HUD) intended to put GPS navigation and other apps unintrusively up-front and centered on the dash and away from anywhere that might tempt drivers to look down and away from the road. Best of all, it’s priced for any driver anywhere to afford it without having to rationalize, “Food can wait this month.”

Geared toward iOS and Android-powered apps and devices, HUDWAY Glass manages to stream apps to its display with ideal image size and without reflecting against the windshield during daytime driving or doubling the image. Using Glass couldn’t be much easier, either. For starters, open up any HUD-supported APP – HUDWAY particularly recommends starting the Speedometer app premiering this November for iOS (early 2016 for Android),

Speedometer app is our own app that alerts you when you are exceeding the speed limit for the given road. Will be available by November 2015 for iOS (Android — by the beginning of 2016). the Sygic global offline-maps navigation app, Navmii for offline maps paired with visualized travel info, Baidu’s robust navigation, or of course, the proprietary HUDWAY app designed for all-purpose navigation, information and guidance especially in low-visbility conditions on rural or remote highways.

Next, lay the phone in the cradle with the display up. Glass acts as an instrument panel and your smartphone becomes the control panel. The unit holds remarkable stability even during faster curves and sudden starts and stops without taking a tumble or compromising its resolution. The lightweight low-fragility plastic doesn’t create a risk of cuts even if it does break and its aspheric shape lets drivers look right through it to the road with no distraction while still improving image sizes by 20% and minimizing comatic, spherical or chromatic distortions. It even has a 30% adjustment angle to account for eyeline variances and dashboard heights from one driver-and-vehicle pairing to the next.

Considering that over 600 million people get behind the wheel each day and around 75% of them are believed to at some point drive while distracted by a device, this is the future of driving our roadways need.

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Hudway Glass HUD
Hudway Glass HUD


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