Howard Stern Wack-Packers Rated: A Level of Comedy That’s Just Plain Wrong

Love to laugh? Whether you’re a comedy junkie or just like to make your sides hurt, you’ve probably heard Howard Stern make some side-splitting history. So what the heck is a Wack Packer?! Members of Stern’s Wack Pack simply don’t understand how funny they are. They’re those weird, offensive, and hilarious guests of Stern’s show you just can’t get enough of.

You’ve heard plenty of them, but how can you pick just one? Seriously, there’s so many to choose from. Check out this list of favorite moments and vote up your favorites. Will Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf’s inebriated ramblings outshine the Mickey Mouse quality of High Pitch Eric’s voice? Or will Crazy Alice fight her way to the top? Only you can decide!

1. Beetlejuice
2. Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
3. Gary the Retard
4. Bigfoot (Mark Shaw Jr.)
5. Eric the Midget
6. Sour Shoes
7. Wendy the Retard
8. Crackhead Bob
9. High Pitch Eric
10. Fred the Elephant Boy
11. Crazy Alice
12. Jeff Curro
13. Yucko the Clown
14. Blue Iris
15. John the Stutterer
16. Kenneth Keith Kallenbach
17. Mariann from Brooklyn
18. Little Lupe
19. Suzanne Muldowney
20. Dave Van Dam
21. Nicole Bass
22. Captain Janks
23. Mark the Bagger
24. Debbie the Pet Lady
25. Andrea Brooke Ownbey
26. Ham Hands Bill
27. Elegant Elliot Offen
28. Big Black
29. Ass Napkin Ed
30. Speech Impediment Man
31. Bobo
32. Joey Boots
33. Kielbasa Queen
34. Will the Farter
35. The Jesus Twins
36. Matthew McGrory
37. Slow Adam
38. Cliff Palate
39. Melrose Larry Green
40. Jeff the Vomit Guy Levy
41. Irene the Leather Weather Lady
42. Siobhan Meow



Gary the Retard (Gary the Conqueror)

Bigfoot (Mark Shaw Jr.)

Eric the Midget (Eric the Actor)

Sour Shoes

Wendy the Retard

Crackhead Bob

High Pitch Eric

Fred the Elephant Boy

Jeff the Drunk

Mark the Bagger

Source – Ranker

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