How Can a Stamp Sized RFID Tag Help Find Explosives?

If you were to be scanning for explosives then you’d have numerous different options available to you as to how to go about it. You might use bomb sniffing dogs for instance, or perhaps you would use a scanning machine.

But did you know you could also use a battery free RFID tag just the size of a stamp? The tag is the result of a partnership between the Technical Support Working Group and GE Global Research and it could offer a much more efficient and inexpensive way to look for explosives.

GE Global Research Team

GE have not given lots of details regarding precisely how these RFID tag stamps are used, they will be able to detect both oxidizers and explosives and will react when they do. Their small size and versatile form factor means that they can also be used in any number of ways – from being placed on cargo containers to being put on the side of buildings.

They’re not just small but are also reportedly very affordably priced. In the future it’s hoped that similar devices will be able to detect biological threats too such as bacteria or spores.

This is an amazing step forward that could help many people to sleep just a little easier in uncertain times!

Source – Ubergizmo / Global Research

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