Hovding Airbag Helmet Saves Lives in Record Time

No, you’re not in the 24th century and this isn’t a fashion statement. It’s a helmet called Hovding, and it’s got some serious potential to save some lives in coming years.This second-generation airbag helmet is for those of you bike and motorcycle enthusiasts who can’t be bothered to remember those clunky plastic helmets.

Before a crash, this helmet is simply a black collar that you fasten around your neck. Motion sensors can detect impact, and in a tenth of a second this lifesaver transforms into an airbag helmet to protect that cranium of yours. Hovding will even give you a discount when you need a new helmet after a crash and the device is USB-rechargeable in between trips.

Let’s face it, all helmets aren’t attractive, but why take a chance against the road-rage-induced masses when you can fight back with tech?
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