Hot Tub Boat Lets You Cruise And Relax With 6 Freinds

There are few things that feel more decadent than a hot tub. Especially an outdoors hot tub where you can smoke a cigar and enjoy a cold beer.

Okay then, well how about a hot tub in a boat that lets you cruise around the sea at the same time 5mph? This way you’re sitting in a huge body of water, inside of a much smaller and warmer body of water.

It’s like a massive ‘screw you’ to Mother Nature and it’s the ultimate way to feel like a boss. It also comes with extras like 50 watt speakers and is 8′ L x 4′ W x 24″ D.

Hot Tub Boat Hammacher Hot Tub Boat Hammacher Hot Tub Boat Hammacher HotTub Boat

Source – Hammacher


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