Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon Vol. 2 Deluxe Figure Is A Proud Papa To Our Baby Groot Toys

If there’s a summer blockbuster on the way, you can always count on Sideshow and Hot Toys to roll out a finely crafted collectible statue to part us with as much of our hard-earned money as we can sell blood to fork over. Marvel’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is hardly an exception. Quite the opposite, of course. Suffice to say, we plan on happily parting with a few pints to bring home this Deluxe Version sixth-scale likeness of a gun-toting Rocket Raccoon to keep our living room full of dancing Baby Groot figures in line.

This release’s impeccable accuracy to the snarling, snarky genetically engineered trash-panda of Star-Lord’s intergalactic protectors boasts two superb new interchangeable sculpts of his head with either a defiant sneer or a battle-hardened roar. Completing his gritty presence, Rocket also sports faithfully tailored combat garb, a richly detailed jetpack, several interchangeable feet and hands, an arsenal headlined by an exhaustively replicated heavy machine gun, and an adorable non-articulated tiny Baby Groot to perch atop his shoulder. Kudos to Hot Toys and Sideshow for completing Rocket’s stellar presentation with a figure stand designed to dynamically display his singular stature as strikingly as possible, especially in aerial poses.

Seriously, we’re about ready to just hand these dedicated pop-culture artisans our bank account numbers. Just take our money, guys. You shouldn’t even need to ask at this point.

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