Hot Toys’ New ‘Age of Ultron’ Captain America Figure is Seriously Badass

Hot Toys is a company known for making highly detailed sculptures of film, computer game and comic characters which are so accurate as to be almost photo-realistic. They’re also know for causing a lot of arguments between couples…

captain america

‘Look dear, I bought this highly detailed Iron Man figurine with Little Benny’s college fund!’

‘You’re divorced’

Ah… we’ve all been there, right?

action america

So anyway, the latest model the company has unveiled is an incredibly life-like Captain America as seen in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. This gives us a good glimpse of his new costume incidentally which sees a few minor changes compared with the last one.

As you’d expect, he also comes with some awesome accessories including a magnetic shield and removable helmet. He’s fully pose-able so you can get him into all sorts of compromising positions and it’s literally like having a tiny Chris Evans on your desk.

captain america shield

The best thing about this figure? It’s so darn expensive that no-one will be able to claim for a moment that it’s a ‘kids’ toy’. That said, if you need an excuse just tell your wife that you bought it for Little Benny to play with when he’s much, much older.

age of ultron

Source – NerdApproved

Hot Toys Captain America Collectible Figures
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