Hot Toys Han Solo & Chewbacca Figures Are More Awesome Than A Starkiller Base Blowing Up

Han. Chewie. You’re home.

Telegraphing his fate in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” loudly and clearly enough to impress Western Union didn’t make saying goodbye to Han Solo, legendary galactic scoundrel, smuggler, and hero extraordinaire, any easier to swallow. There may be one less nerf-herder willing to lay everything on the line from one corner of space to the next for the few people he loves, but for the record, this 1/6-scale Star Wars Han Solo And Chewbacca Figure Set from Sideshow and Hot Toys is an absolutely incredible apropos tribute and consolation.

Deep down, we’ll always remember Han for how he lived, not how he died (i.e., his kid suckering him into a delightfully ironic “Fooled you!” moment while, somewhere, Admiral Ackbar screamed, “It’s a – y’know what? Screw it…” and Dark Helmet sprayed the inside of his facemask with milk shooting out his nose). That notwithstanding, we’ll also never forget that instant soaring glee when Han and Chewie appeared together on the big screen for the first time in more than 30 years. That is exactly what this set captures.

In fact, Han’s head and hands are the products of newly developed sculpts to capture every detail of Harrison Ford’s swan song as the character that made him an icon. He’s clothed in a custom-tailored outfit and winter gear with a new blaster pistol and backed by a figure stand constructed especially for this set. Truly, a worthy effigy for a hero.

That’s not to sell Chewie’s collectible figure short, either. After all, this is no generic piece of merchandise. Like Han, Chewie’s likeness features a fresh face sculpt highlighted by a newly articulated jaw and multiple specially designed fabric hair layers with several blended shades of brown throughout his body. Of course, the galaxy’s most famous Wookiee just wouldn’t look right without his bowcaster and bandolier bag, both looking more impressively detailed than ever. Chewie also gets his own specially designed stand, of course.

The two interchangeable display backgrounds modeled after Starkiller Base look superb behind Han and Chewie when attached to the hexagonal figure bases. To round out this collectible work of art, the set additionally comes with a remote detonator and three thermal detonators.

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Bring Chewie Home

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