Hot Toys Captain Phasma Collectible Figure Is Sexy Shiny Perfection

It’s still roughly way-too-damn-long – ahem, we mean, about four weeks and change until the Dec. 18 worldwide premiere of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, but every single time we’ve convinced ourselves there’s no great volcanic fever pitch our excitement could reach, along comes something new to stoke us to a giddy, nerdy inferno.

Thanks, Hot Toys. Tell us, just how hard must we fling our wallets and first-born children at our screens before this gorgeously detailed Captain Phasma Collectible Figure arrives on our doorstep?

With all due respect to the copious intrigue surrounding Kylo Ren, it’s the amazonian First Order trooper who just may be this new STAR WARS anthology’s Boba Fett in terms of a captivating heir of bad-assery.

Forced to choose one single outstanding achievement of this 1/16-scale collectible, it would no doubt be the balance between her Imperial armor’s impressive shine and a genuine wear apropos of her willingness to make her home in the heart of a battlefield. It’s the cape, however, that lends that capstone touch that warns, “I’ve survived as long and risen as high as I have for a reason. You don’t want to find out firsthand why.”


Source – TheAwesomer via HotToys

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