Hot Dog Stapler Is Probably Healthier Than A Real Hot Dog

Question: what is the best kind of hot dog?

Chicago-style? New York? A scrumptious Sonoran dog laden with jalapenos, onions, and savory pepper sauce?

Wrong. Correct answer: a hot dog that staples things. It’s really quite simple. The worst part of eating a hot dog is the moment when there is no more hot dog. Because you have eaten it all. With a Hot Dog Stapler – such as, say, this beauty on offer from the fine folks at Firebox – you may run out of staples, but never out of hot dog. We can instantly replenish staples.

Our budgets limit how often we can replenish our hot dogs, and even then, we know we will eventually run out quickly.

This Hot Dog Stapler comes with the flair of bright-yellow mustard on a touchably soft bun and, let’s face it, belongs in about the same nutritional value ranking as an actual edible hot dog. It has one all-important, insurmountable advantage.

The Hot Dog Stapler emphatically binds valuable documents together time after time. Fun Fact: a box of hundreds of stables costs less than many top-shelf hot dogs.

Buy a man a hot dog, he will eat for a day. Buy a man a Hot Dog Stapler, he can eat at his desk, finish his work early, and knock off before 5 p.m. to hit Happy Hour. Possibly awaiting him there? A hot dog.

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Hot Dog Stapler
Hot Dog Stapler
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