Hot Cookie USB Powered Cup Warmer Might be the Secret to Happiness

What’s the secret to happiness?

There’s a good chance that it’s infinite tea or infinite coffee depending on your leaning.

When you’ve had a long hard day in the office and you just want to relax at home, being able to drink a warm tea or coffee is one of the best feelings that will completely relax your body and mind or at least help you wake up and feel alive again.

The only bad thing about tea and coffee? They run out. Or if they don’t, they go cold.

But with this ‘hot cookie’ cup warmer you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can make a massive cup of tea and then drink it however slowly you like and you can know that it will stay warm. What’s more, it looks like a cookie which is also just brilliant. It also reminds you that you should have a real cookie.

Hot Cookie USB Warmer Mustard Hot Cookie

Now when you’re working late at the office you can have your tea happily on hand the entire night and never worry about it dropping below the perfect 50 degrees Celsius.

Suddenly, the world seems like a better place.


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