Honey On Tap Extracts Honey Without Disturbing Bees – Raises 6 Million Dollars

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As technology develops, so too does pretty much every aspect of the modern world. And it’s not just humans who get to enjoy this tech upgrade. Bees are now also in on the act thanks to Stuart and Cedar Anderson – a father and son team who saw fit to upgrade the humble bee hive with what they call the ‘flow hive’. That definitely sounds like something from science fiction and it sort of acts like it too.

This is basically a ‘premade’ hive that bees take up residence in and use as their own. This then allows for easy access to the honey down a little funnel. Basically it’s an elaborate device that extracts honey without disturbing the bees – so now anyone can have a beehive in their own home.

They also have a indiegogo page where they blew their 70k fund raising goal to 6 million dollars. Incredible! Who would have thought that many people wanted to make their own honey. Good for them!!

Source – ThisIsColossal via HoneyFlow[/vc_column_text]

Home Bee Hive Kits
Home Bee Hive Kits
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Freshest, Natural Honey
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