Honda’s Tokyo Motor Show Lineup Features Wicked Super-Sports, Three-Wheelers And Scooters

Where, exactly, is it written that it takes four wheels for the world’s most imaginative innovators to have some fun? Wherever it is, Honda’s Tokyo Motor Show lineup suggests their engineers skipped exactly that page. The concepts they’ve unveiled are thrilling, imaginative and seemingly quite functional from their bread-and-butter superbikes to some intriguing scooters and three-wheeled rides.

Speaking of the sweetest of speed machines, the Japanese motorsport masters led with their strongest suit. The debuting Lightweight Super Sports Concept sports a blacked-out look that accents its design’s razer-sharp lines, long nose and almost predatory low crouched posture. It’s ostensibly a stealth bomber between your legs.

This is a Japanese exhibition, so what would this show be without something that hearkens to the anime vehicles of our dreams? The three-wheeled Neowing’s name even inspires thoughts of GUNDAM, let alone its serious torque, nimble acceleration, and a horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine wrapped in some downright nasty lines.

To close things out, guess what: Honda has mastered the scooter, too. A child of the Super Cub, the EV-cub Concept looks like it could indeed stare down a Vespa until it leaks coolant all over itself. Aside from looking impressive, its design is easy to master and is powered by a removable battery with a handy plug-in charging system.

Source – AquireMag

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