Home Run Beer Pong Is The World Series Of Drinking Games

What better way to celebrate good times with friends than by having some baseball-themed fun? You don’t have to be good at America’s favorite pastime, baseball, to play this drinking game, all you need is some ice-cold beer, a flat surface, and some friends.

Using a miniature catapult to play, players ‘take a swing’ at the bases by flinging a bottle top at the opponent’s cups filled with beer. As each team ‘catapults’ their shots into the cups of ice-cold beer, they must drink them. So, the more you score, the more you get to drink, it is the spoils of the game that makes it so enjoyable to play.

Whether you play by the pool, or on the kitchen table, you are sure to draw a crowd of willing players to form teams. This home run fun game comes with a board, cups, game pieces, and chalk to keep score.



8 Total Score
This should be america's new favorite passtime

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