Hologram Backpack Puts Spacey Storage On Your Shoulders

We aren’t exactly sure where the shimmering Hologram Backpack originated. Truth be told, we don’t really care. We only know that we’ve never so obsessively wanted to lug our miscellaneous daily crap around in the style of a futuristic high schooler in some cyberpunk anime.

The safety benefits of the Hologram Backpack’s iridescent shine are no mere afterthoughts. It really is as practical as it is pretty. This semi-reflective marvel of functional fashion drastically improves nighttime visibility while offering 18 litres of roomy cargo space within premium durable polyester attached to adjustable reinforced back straps. That includes the generous front pocket, inner media port and laptop divider, discreet zip pouch, and comfortable extra padding in the back.

With so many zippers and pockets in one ridiculously shiny backpack, you’ll basically be one physically impossible hairdo and a sword the length of a Chevy Silverado away from being a “Final Fantasy XIII” character.


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