Holiday LED Illuminated Sheets Offer Early, Simple Yuletide Decorating

Well, that’s that. Halloween 2015 is in the books, and do you know what’s sort of awesome? Most of our friends and family this year kept their Yule log in their pants and held off the “Christmas two months early” B.S. so we could all enjoy our horror marathons, candy and Sexy Eating Disorder Joke costumes in peace.

Now, we’re all in agreement that we’ll embrace this momentum and save the holly-jolly for after we’ve awoken from the turkey naps, right? RIGHT??

You’re already putting up lights, aren’t you? Yeah. Thought so.

If you’re going to put something up early, Hammacher Schlemmer’s exclusive 200-LED Holiday Illuminated Sheers are at least so fantastically low-maintenance and low-key, that we hesitate to even really call hanging a ew of these gauzy, subtle window coverings “jumping the gun”. Each curtain sports 20 evenly spaced white-LED vertical rows spanning 10 columns that cover any standard window’s entire surface area. Sunlight can still slip through the material during the fine polyester during the day even when drawn and the glowing lights provide a certain more festive privacy by night.

Curtains plug conveniently into any air conditioner thanks to a lengthy 10′ cord. Comes with seven fabric loops sewn into the top of each panel.

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Holiday LED Sheer Curtains
Holiday LED Sheer Curtains
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