Hockey Stick Snow Brush Retires Professional Equipment To A Second, Handy Winter Life

Go ahead and high-stick the heavy wet white stuff off your windshield this winter with a Hockey Stick Snow Brush.

Millbury, Massachusetts artist Michael Bellino fashions each brush by hand from sections of hockey sticks that have seen some true professional game-use wear and tear. Really, what is going to prove more durable than something made to stand up to that kind of ongoing beating? Each Hockey Stick Snow Brush’s handle offers an outstanding grip, thanks to materials once chosen to deliver 100mph slapshots period after period, game after game.

These Hockey Stick Snow Brushes are the only winning hockey gifts you need for the rabid NHL fan in your life that has everything.

Hockey Stick Snow Brush (1)Hockey Stick Snow Brush (3)Hockey Stick Snow Brush (2)


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