Hillary Clinton Bop Bag Lets You Take A Swing At The Democratic Party

Face it, folks: we have six months and change until November. We’d all love to dish out five upside the head of one candidate or another, but if the primary season has taught us anything, it’s that live partisan fist-fighting is somehow less productive than expected and a lotter sadder than it is funny.

The next time you feel like taking a swing at, say, a certain ex-First Lady who seems conveniently confused by maintaining an email account, work out your frustrations and your jab in one fell swoop with this inflatable desktop Hillary Clinton Bop Bag.

This airy avatar of Mrs. Bill Clinton stands about a foot tall and is guaranteed to take it on the chin far more durably than the real deal has sometimes dealt with Bernie Sanders. No family politico who bleeds Republican red or has been feeling a little too much “Bern” for everyone else’s comfort should be without one.

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For those moments when you want to punch policy in the face!

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