Hexatraction Transparent Pads Adds Extreme Grip To Your Surfboards

For those who are intimately familiar with surfing, a surfboard is a like a living thing – an expression of one’s relationship with the ocean. That is why each surfers’ board is uniquely their own, and custom art is a very important aspect to their relationship to the ocean.

Because staying on a surfboard is paramount, wax is needed, although, it actually gets in the way of custom artwork. While there are foam pads that provide better foot grip, these totally cover up surfboard art. Thankfully, there are now transparent pads available.

If you love your surfboard as much as you love the ocean, and you want to let the custom artwork on your board shine for all to see, then you need to get your hands on these Hexatraction transparent pads.

No more hassles of waxing your board, or covering up your custom artwork with foam pads, now you can use transparent surfboard pad, and, they come with built-in UV protection that will actually protect your artwork.

There are 18 full hexagons pads and four half hexagons in a box. The full pieces measure 6.3 inches across, which is enough to cover a shortboard, so you’ll need an extra box if you ride a longboard.

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No more gnarly wipeouts

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