Heroes Never Sleep Masks Pull One on the Criminal Competition

Have you ever thought how exhausting it would be to be a superhero? Not that it can’t be fun every once in a while to kick some ass in Gotham or New York, but it’s a 24-hour job, and your manslaying boots are getting more ragged by the day. Sure, it’s all fun and games being a superhero when you’re on the comic strip, but when they go home do you really think they get any sleep?

Shuba Gift Factory is bringing you some superhero reality with their small set of Heroes Never Sleep masks. Simply pull on one of these sleeping masks to deter those criminals from disturbing your slumber. The masks feature Batman, Spiderman, and the Hulk as they attempt to stay awake to little avail.

You won’t be missing a thing with your superhero eyes half-open.
Heroes Never Sleep Masks 3 Heroes Never Sleep Masks 4 Heroes Never Sleep Masks 5 Heroes Never Sleep Masks 6
Source – Shuba

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