Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka Is A Breaking Bad Tribute to the Most Notorious Drug Kingpin

You’re not a well-known chemist. Hell, you can hardly recite any elements off of the periodic table. For whatever reason, at one point you may have been captivated by the drug kingpin adventures of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Though the series finally came to an end, we still feel pretty nostalgic about the unique series.

Sony Pictures and 21st Century Spirits have joined forces to bring previous viewers an ode to Heisenberg, Walter’s alias in a limited edition line of Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka. Inspired by the series, this gluten-free Vodka is crafted in Idaho and is still the best-selling premium potato vodka in America.

Whether you simply can’t let go or you need an infusion of swagger every now and then, get bad with a tribute to the elements and taste.

Source – BlueIceVodka
Breaking Bad Heisenberg Memorabilia
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