HeatTrak Heated Mats Melt Snow Automatically Giving Your Shovels A Winter Break

If you live where heavy snowfall already looms and your back, legs and shoulders already twinge with soreness at the thought of three months of morning and evening shoveling, perhaps it’s time something offered you and your trust snowblower and shovel companions a seasonal reprieve. HeatTrak heated floor mats are immensely cost efficient and consistently effective solutions for melting snow and ice without a trace.

These durably industry-standard rubber mats hold a constant temperature that melts fallen snow on contact at a 2-inches-per-hour clip that doesn’t allow new accumulation atop your home’s stairs and walkways. Even in the wildest winter storms, that’s enough heat to stave off the minimum 1″ per hour threshold to be considered “heavy snowfall” without the need of invasively (and expensively) installed and maintained internal heated driveway or walkway coils.

Contrast that with the easily installed, maintained and repaired plug-and-go HeatTrak, which need only an electrical outlet to work their magic and their standard two-year warranty to address any unexpected issues that may arise. It comes down to a matter of choosing residential or commercial-designed mats and whether you’re outfitting your walkway, stairs, or another custom-sized area. The cost of this convenient long-lasting snow and ice removal solution falls somewhere between $150 and $300 with no internal installation and an operating cost averaging around $1 per day of usage.

HeatTrak heated mats sandwich electrically operated heating elements right between two extra-tough protective non-slip rubber surfaces. When we say “extra-touch”, we’re talking comparable durability to standard automobile tires in terms of the wear they can take with a smile. Walkway mats measure 20″ x 60″, but offer the option of daisy-chaining several into a longer pathway. On the other hand, 10″ x 30″ mats will fit most standard stair dimensions. Choose from a variety of length and width options among industrial mats, or order individual custom-sized pieces tough enough to be driven over time and again without damage to the internal heating elements.

Oh, by the way, HeatTrak heated mats can be controlled with either an automatic thermostat controller that kicks on instantly when the temperature falls below 38*F and remains on until the temp tops 50* F, or a professionally installed snow-sensing controller that calls on the mat according to changes in both temperature and moisture. Either should serve you the full 4-5 year expected lifespan of each mat.


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